This is Baoshan. A wonderfully diverse city. It’s really hard to put a finger on the exact characteristics… but it keeps surprising us in the best ways.

My favorite restaurant is in Baoshan. You can get the best foot soak and massage of your life in Baoshan. You can get fruit juices (mango, papaya, dragonfruit, pineapple) for only 6 rmb at the Burmese restaurant in Baoshan. If you look foreign enough you can get free drinks at the syndicate-run nightclub in Baoshan.

Baoshan is the gateway to the mountains. Many tucked-away mountain countys in Yunnan will feed into Baoshan before continuing along the G56 highway. A convergence of cultures. Baoshan might not be the most aesthetic city, but we keep coming back here. It’s unique, central, and just what we need after long weeks of teaching in our villages (or city, in my case).